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Lunch & Learn Workshops

In today’s business world, small companies and large corporations alike are faced with many challenges and the most important asset you have are your employees. Having a health conscious and active team of employees gives you a workplace with fewer sick days, less stress, and a more productive company.

It is unfortunate but I believe the majority of the people who make up our companies are functioning at somewhere between 60 -80% of their potential.

People are distracted so easily and unable to focus for any substantial length of time. Much of this can be changed believe it or not with lifestyle and dietary changes.

Just imagine how much your company could get done, how many goals you could reach if your employees were operating at 100%.

The goal of a lunch and learn is to help your employees reach their full potential and optimal health by educating them on the importance of the basics of health.

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Proper Weight and Optimal Health
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The Life Changing Benefits of Exercise
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Lunch and learn workshops are an interactive, informative way for your employees to learn and maintain a healthy, physical body and mental attitude. We supply a top of the line doctor in the health field to speak on today’s most important health topics to your employees.

Your employees will learn preventative measures about stress management, how to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and the huge benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Join the others who have already learned that Lunch and Learn Workshops are an important step in investing in growth and potential within your company.

We have spoken at companies like:

Blue Bell Creameries
Elastic Corporation of America
Spring Air Mattress Company
Mrs. Stratton’s Salads
Jay Mid-South
NexCel Synthetics
Rohn Inc
Tricon Metals
NTA Graphics South
Stevens Graphics
Rever Control Systems
Valspar Coatings
CTDI Communications

What you do:

1.Choose a topic.
2.Select a date.
3.Send out the promotional materials we provide you with.
4.Have the room available, set up and ready to go that day.

What we do:

1.Send a wellness expert to speak on the topic of choice.
2.Sends you all promotional materials necessary.
3.Arrange lunch to be delivered the day of event if company chooses and exact head count is given 24 hours prior.
4.Deliver an impacting Lunch And Learn and create a fun atmosphere at the work place.

oReduces employee sick days
oReduces employees job related injuries
oReduces employee turnover
oReduces employees health care costs
oIncreases employee productivity
oIncreases employee morale
oIncreases company profitability


We Guarantee the following:
oCustomized programs based on your objectives
oPromotional materials being handled in a timely manner
oA dynamic speaker specializing in the topic you choose
oInteractive participation

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